Just an Update

I've not written anything here for 8 days because around the 2nd, 3rd of the month I started to feel sick- sore throat that hurt like a thousand cuts when I swallowed and a sinus headache. The problem is that it got worse and worse so that by Friday I had a wet cough to go along with the other usual symptoms of a cold or sinus infection. I am still not better but after two days of resting as much as possible, I am doing better.

I have managed to get the air conditioner put away, not where it needs to be but at least it's out of the living room. I've decided to go 9" on my monthly patches rather than 12" because I measured them and none of them were near the 12". The 9" size also makes it easier to find a back fabric for it. It's amazing how much space is created when you remove 1.5" from each side. I picked up both a felt and a cotton that will work for the back, lucky me they were on sale.

The cotton is red & green & gold stripes which makes it a great choice for a table cover or an altar cloth as well so I am debating a bit with myself as it isn't large enough to be the backing fabric and an altar cloth. Sides it's pretty enough I don't think I want to keep it facing the wall as it would as the backing fabric.

I just realized you may not know what I'm talking about. I have been working with patchwork, embellishments, embroidery & quilting lately. The finished patchwork piece is called a crazy quilt square. A few years ago I started a set of 12 but only got four begun and only one that I considered done. In keeping with my goal to finish at least a few of my unfinished projects this year I've decided that after doing the windchime that I would tackle these next. I'm hoping I will have time to do a third one but it depends on how long it takes me to finish the squares. At least with a sewing machine the patchwork part of it goes faster. Some of the embellishments can be put on using the sewing machine as well but embroidery to do it right has to be done by hand. I'm hoping I can do some basic quilting on it as well but we will see.

I have begun the Pinterest set-up for next year, have chosen a book for my 2020 journal and tried the radiators in the last nine days as well.

Today I am going to bake some pears and some carrots for dinner so I've begun that as well. Not bad for someone who has been sick.

Live, Love, Laugh


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