The Price of Convenience

I need to get to the grocery store soon before I spend all my money on "Skip the Dishes". When my GD#1 suggested I try them I figured sure that way I get what I want and I don't have to make it or go get it myself. It sounded good especially when I saw all the restaurants I had to choose from. I've used them four times as of last night and while having someone else to do the cooking and running it to me sounds good it gets expensive in a hurry.

In four uses I've spent the equivalent cost of two weeks of groceries. That's right in four runs I spent $100. Upon realizing this I figured it was time to get my butt out the door to the grocery store. Except that as usual I really don't have enough energy to do that.

I have other options open to me but it will still cost me a delivery fee. Some of the grocery stores will pick orders for you, all you have to do is go pick it up. Since I don't drive that means asking someone in my family to go fetch it for me. I used this service in the winter and found it very good for the housebound as I am in the winter.

A third option I have is a place called Charlotte Pantry that will not only pick your order for you but deliver it to your door. I think some of the other grocery stores may have this option  but I am not sure, I think most of them work on the pay and pick-up version. Still it is an option for those days when I am not at my best.

A fourth option if I wish to use it is to give my GD#1 a list and ask her to go get it for me but that only works for small things since she doesn't drive either. That doesn't cost me much in the way of money but I always kind of feel guilty using her as a mule

There are always options and there is always a fee for the convenience but when you are like me and have trouble simply going out to unlock a gate somedays it is worth it. I have not decided which route to take because I need to save $50 for the foot nurse and I'm not sure what I have left.

Regardless of how I do it it has to be done today, I cannot do what I did last night again! It cost as much as going to the actual restaurant would even if I did get three meals out of what I ordered.

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