Sunflower Days are coming

August is getting so close now! it is a big birthday month.

My daughters is on the 3rd, the professors is on the 19th, GD#3's is on the 22 and my SIL's is on the 26th. October is our busiest birthday month but August is a close second.

Also in August:
1) A visit with my doc regarding my diabetes
2) A visit to the foot nurse (every 3 months cause of the diabetes)
3) A trip to Legoland with GD#3 and GS#3
4) Toronto Zoo with GD#4 (or Woodbine if its raining)

Projects that I want done by the end of August are:
1) Hogwarts Houses bat boxes (1 done, 3 to go)
2) Welcome sign for the garden gate
3) One fairy house
4) Downsizing - Finish bedroom

August Style:
1) Fake Sunflowers for the table
2) Homemade iced tea in the fridge all month long
3) Decorate with yellow and black
4) Paint sunflower nails

I don't have a bucket list for August because August is a very busy month as you can see.

Live, Love, Laugh


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