If I could be invisible for just one day...

Oh, the possibilities of this day!

I woke up this morning, looked into my mirror, saw my messy bed but no me. No Me! No ME? No me I am invisible.

I decided to forego clothing, a thing I'd dreamed of, and stepped outside my house.

As I walked in the sun I thought about what I could do while no one could see me. I needed to test a couple of things so I went into a corner store. I made myself a coffee and grabbed a sandwich from the snack area then looked up into the surveillance mirror. No sandwich or coffee showed in it.

One thing confirmed, if it was in contact with my body it was invisible. I sat on the grass and drank my coffee and ate my sandwich as I thought about what to do with this power.

My first thought was to get blankets and food to the homeless but I knew there were other groups that did that... still...

I caught a bus to the grocery store and filled a cart with healthy foods. Once I had enough I considered how I was going to get it to the place I wanted to take it. In the end, I transferred it to a bin and caught a bus to the glade where the homeless spent their nights and left the bin there. As I moved away from it I saw it return to visibility which confirmed the second thing I needed to know.

Next, I went to Child Services looking for a list of families that would benefit from some food or clothing. It took me a while but I found one. I went to each house to see what would benefit them the most. Yes, I did a bit breaking and entering but it was in a good cause. Once I had the list I went to a nearby superstore and filled another cart.

Since some of the things were kind of heavy I wasn't sure I could get them to the right places on the bus. I searched around the parking lot until I found an unlocked car with a second set of keys inside it.

I loaded the stuff I'd gathered into the car and drove it off the lot. I spent the next hour or so dropping the things I'd chosen to the families from the list.

Since I had wheels I decided I would take some flowers to the Hospice. I picked several bouquets from the public parks and dropped them at the Hospice.

Since it was getting late I decided to go home and have a nap glad that I had given a little back to the community I lived in. It had been a glorious day!


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