Essential Oils

I have known about Essential Oils and what they can be used for since I was in my late twenties but have not studied them seriously. A friend here in the building started using the Young Living brand a couple of years ago and she swears by them.

I want to try but like most ideas, my progress will likely be Hit and Miss. For today I am looking at some natural remedies that I want to try out when I find the set I bought a couple of months ago. I'm thinking they are in one of the garbage bags under the printer table.

Oh yeah, not garbage, they contain books from the bookshelf and other odds and ends that were cluttering up my desk space. I needed to clear the bookshelf for the garage sale and haven't returned the books to it yet.

So today is a bad pain day my back is on fire and so are my arms. I entered a google enquiry for Oils that help with nerve pain and I found a place called Essential Oil Sanctuary The article I found recommended 12 essential oils for use with the pain.

1) Peppermint - pain killer, anti-inflammatory
2) Geranium- anti-inflammatory
3) Lavender- pain killer, anti-inflammatory
4) Helichrysum - anti-inflammatory, sedative
5) Eucalyptus - pain killer, anti-inflammatory
6) Chamomile - anti-inflammatory
7) Marjoram - pain killer, anti-inflammatory
8) Clove - pain killer, anti-inflammatory
9) Balsam Fir - pain killer, diabetic neuropathy
10) Ginger - pain killer, anti-inflammatory
11) Frankincense - sedative, anti-inflammatory
12) Wintergreen - pain killer, anti-inflammatory

There are other uses for these oils too which provides certain extra benefits like numbing or warming whichever works best for you. On this page at EOS are some combinations to try like this one:

General Nerve Pain Blend

  1. Combine all the ingredients above in a small glass bottle.
  2. Cap and gently roll between the palms to mix.
  3. Apply to areas of the body where nerve pain is experienced.
  4. The recipe can be multiplied for large-scale or daily use.
  5. (Hint: St. John’s wort herbal tincture can be substituted for the carrier oil when treating sciatica, shooting nerve pain, or shingles.)
I am thinking that this is the one I want to try providing I have all the oils, if not I'll order them. One way or the other I will try this.

July 12 Well I priced out the ones I was missing and for 4 bottles it came to nearly $85 so I decided against it. I'll check the other recipes on this page and see if there is one using the base set I have, if not then I guess I'll have to pay the money though it seems like a lot just to test something.


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