Let's Celebrate International Picnic Day!

It is International day and I am hoping your weather is co-operating because as long as the sun is shining I am going on a picnic today.

I am going to take some of the stuff I picked up in St Jacobs and make myself a picnic for one. I'll pack it up good and put it in my backpack.

Then off to catch a bus to the local ParticiPaction park for a day in the woods. I'm not a sunrise person especially since the sun comes up around 4AM

I am going to play a game of hopscotch and swing on a swing and do whatever else presents itself that is a game I recognize from my childhood.

Mainly I just want to remember the picnics my mom would pack when we went picking wild blueberries. We always had so much fun even though the picking was hard in the heat but fresh blueberries were a delicious treat.


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