5 Easy Ways to Get Outside

June is the "Great Outdoors Month". It is one of the absolutely perfect months when the days are warm but not hot and so are the nights. June and September are the months I go outside as much as possible and even with all my issues I want to make the most of it.

But how do I get my butt outside when I have become so used to sitting in front of this computer?

In my post yesterday you saw a couple of the ways I plan to do this, today I will share with you a few more.

1) We have a bistro set, a gazebo and a set of church steps in our garden all of which provide a chance to sunbathe. A bottle of water or a bottle of home made lemonade and I'm in heaven

2) There are several parks and parkettes throughout the city and a few are within walking distance and even those that aren't are just a bus ride away. Add in a few Photo-a-Day challenges and I have my second method for getting outside. And I don't even have to walk there if I don't want to because the busses will take me to any and all of them. Gotta have food and water but that is easy with a divided storage container, a water bottle and a backpack. Take some photos with my phone, spend some time near water or surrounded with green stuff and it's a perfect hour or two.

3) There are three farmers markets in town. One on Tuesdays and two on Saturday and two of them are only a dozen blocks from here so that makes it easy at least two days a week. Take my backpack and a couple of other bags and I'm off to get those fresh fruits and veggies I need as well as some tasty treats and various meats if I want them.

4) If I feel inclined to eat a meal I didn't make there are several restaurants with patio areas also only a few blocks away. One of my favourite coffee shops, "The Silver Bean Cafe" has a  patio right beside the river and while its a bit more than a few blocks away it is still easily walkable. And if you are into people watching like me it's great.

5) June is the month when yard sales really take off and I love to go rummage around because sometimes you can find the exact thing you need for a bargain price. Often I don't buy anything just look and that suits me just fine. I get to feed my creative mind and tone my body at the same time.


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