Love Beltane


Beltane comes midway between the Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice. It is a day to celebrate the coming of summer though here I think it might be a bit early. In my area I feel June 1st would be suited better but it is too close to the Solstice.

One of the rituals associated with this is the burning of the purification fires. To jump a fire even a small one on a candle is symbolic of leaving the past behind. I have just the candle and will be doing just that. I am feeling the need for a little purification. The fire is usually made up of branches from the seven sacred trees but as noted above a candle will work in a pinch.

The second thing is the Hawthorn tree as a way to ask a wish from the fairies. A common houseplant can be used as well. For this one you tie a colored piece of cloth to the Hawthorn to symbolize a wish. Blue for protection; pink for romance; purple for knowledge; green for prosperity. When you tie the cloth to the tree you leave a small offering to the fairies as a way to persuade them to give you your wish. if the wish is granted leave another small offering as a thank you.

Thirdly is the Beltane headdress. You know what a wreath of flowers is well for Beltane you weave together green stems and May flowers to make one to wear while you dance in the firelight.

The last part and for myself the part I miss is the choosing of partners using a may pole and then sneaking off to add some fertility magic to the earth. A may pole has as many ribbons as there are singles of the right ages. Each person takes a ribbon, girls go one way and boys the other. When the music stops the person of the opposite sex facing you is your partner for the night.

Yesterday I went out to get the stuff I needed for the altar and made a maypole for it as well. You will find a picture at Instagram


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