Everyday Adventures

Do you look for things to celebrate every day?
I've been gathering special days from  National Day Calendar Calendar at a Glance to help guide my days. One of the things they don't tell you about living by yourself without a job is that you drift through the days you don't live them. When the warm weather gets here I find myself getting bored reading and writing and watching videos. I need something to get me interested again in living.

The NDC does that for me. These are only four of the dozen special days available for this date. These are the ones that interest me. On my calendar, I give myself one thing to do per special day. That helps keep the boredom at bay and I gather memories to get me through the long, dark winter days and nights.
 For these four, for instance, I have the following things in my agenda.

1) Garden Meditation- Spend 15 min in the garden breathing in the spring air.

2) Try writing a short ghost story or read a non-fiction book about the para-normal

3) Go through the material stash and pull out some pieces to make an altar cloth for summer.

4) Wear one black and one purple sandal


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