What is Jazz?

The Professors brother was very into Jazz music when I lived there and he had tons of CD's but I never listened to them because they belonged to him and I was a bit of a mouse then. It did, however, initiate a minor interest in the music and I did listen to it a bit but it was not something I could appreciate then. Today I decided I was going to do a bit of exploring into the music style and see if I could find an appreciation for it beginning of course at Wikipedia to learn a little of it's history then look up a musician called Miles Davis who I have been told is the greatest Jazz musician ever.

Oh about the travel thing yesterday, it appears I am going to have to go to the depot to find out what buses leave from there and get the Go Schedule from the bus station next door. I'll be doing that later today.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program:

Jazz in a fairly new music style beginning in the 1910s in New Orleans. It came out of the African- American community so it has some African tribal music in it and some blues and some swing and a whole lot more. Since then it has undergone many different iterations only one thing has remained the same there has to be a heavy Brass sound. Without the Brass it is not Jazz but something else.

To learn more about it you can read the Wikipedia article about it.

And here is a sample of the best jazz album ever according to YouTube MILES DAVIS (Kind of Blue)


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