Poetry Is My First Love

I was introduced to writing poetry in my 13th year. My English teacher read something I wrote for class and suggested that I was very talented. I suspect now he was only doing his job to teach me to express myself but whatever it was it set me on a road of learning about poetry and writing it. A few years back I joined a web site called Writing.com with the express purpose of getting a short story that had come to me in a dream written down.That didn't work out so well though I did manage to get a start on it.

An even older desire was to write a book containing my poetry so I set out to write 52 poems each in a different style. As I worked through it, it became a teaching book as much as a display of my writing skill. Unfortunately, I never did put it into any coherent shape and it has sat on this web site for years. Recently I began to move it from Writing.com to my Writing Journal here on blogger.

I figured if I had it handy then I wouldn't have to worry about paying the fee required to have continued access to my own work on the site. I invite you to go to my writing Journal and comment on my poetry and if you think I should pursue getting it into print.


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