Keeping Healthy- Some simple ideas

I've been crowing because I have begun to lose weight after so many years of trying to do so. The first time I saw 215 on the scale I did a major happy dance I had lost my first 10 lbs. Today I am ???

My goal is to lose 1-2 lbs a week and I am hopeful this will happen. As a reward, I booked myself into a spa here for a 3 hr Afternoon Delight which included a facial, a mani and a pedi.

Now that may seem a little extravagant to you but such self-care is actually good for you, for your mental, spiritual and of course physical health. It doesn't need to be an every week thing or even every month, this is the first time I've been to the spa for anything other than my annual haircut in 5 years.

For many years I've explored the many ways to become healthier what I did, had to do to get any results was to go back to eating as I did as a child. Oh, & incidentally I found out that my mother had been feeding us according to the Canadian Food Guide even though she didn't know anything about it.

Fresh fruits and vegetables were a staple in our house, we always had a vegetable garden and apple trees. We ate meat seldom and what we did eat was mainly wild game or chickens and rabbits that we raised. The chicken also provided eggs so we had those as well.

Now I don't eat wild game or raise my own food animals but I do limit my meat intake to about once a week. The rest of the time I eat one serving of pasta with 2- 3 cups of vegetables for dinner, oatmeal or some other grain for breakfast and fruits & vegetables for lunch. As you know I try to experiment with a different fruit & vegetable each month, that is because eating corn, peas & carrots every day can get a little boring.

I try to get outside every day now that the weather has begun to warm up and ice is no longer an issue, sometimes just for 10 minutes but that is better than nothing. The Professor gave me one of those google mini things so often when I first get I'll say "Hey Google, Play Dance Music" and I will dance through the making of my coffee and whatever else I'm doing for the first ten minutes of the day.

To keep my mind active, I read every day. One non-fiction book and one fiction book in between whatever else I am doing during the day. Every night I play a few games on my tablet before I go to sleep so that even while resting it is still working.

Here are all really simple things anyone can do:

  • Turn on your computer and tune into Youtube or Spotify or whatever your music provider is and just let your body move to the music.
  • Buy your fruits & vegetables frozen or weekly from a local farmer's market
  • Don't have a tablet, invest in a puzzle book of some kind or add a word game to your phone
  • Read, read, read even if you only do it for 10 minutes a day it will help keep your mind busy and can inspire you to try something new. I read ebooks through Ontario Library Reserve, Kindle Online or Kindle for PC and you can always find free books, check out Book Bub
  • Step out into the outdoors, rain or shine and clear your lungs of stale indoor air, you don't even have to walk. I live in a renovated church so there is a parking lot on 3 sides of the building, on my lazy days I just walk around the building through these parking lots and do a quick walk through the garden on the fourth side. It takes maybe five minutes but it is five minutes that I am up and moving in and that is important


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