H.O.P.E is here

Some few events in the last 30 odd years have turned me down right cynical and untrusting. I wonder if it is possible to change that, turn the clock back as it were to when I was able to give everyone the benefit of a doubt.

April is the Month of Hope did you know that? When I found the graphic above I wanted to write about hope and how important it is in daily life, the problem is how can I write about something I don't feel.

Like most of you I suspect, I live from day to day not really caring about much of anything except getting through the day without too much pain or energy. It is hard to foster hope when you don't feel you have anything to hope for. And how pray tell are you supposed to foster hope in others when you have none of your own.

Well I thought long and hard about it and this is what I came up with:

Hope is what I have when I look at my daughter and her sons and see them thriving despite being on the wrong side of the poverty line with some serious health issues

Hope is what I feel when I look outside and see the snow slowly melting

Hope is counting my blessings and being sure there are many more I haven't found yet.

Hope is listening to others because a shared burden helps lighten the load rather you are the one with the issue or not.

Hope is going to bed sure that tomorrow is a new day and I am sure I'll see it

Empowering others, giving others hope is standing as an example of either what not to do or what is the right thing to do and letting them know the choice is theirs. In the end that is all we can really do, present ourselves as an example and hope others learn from our experiences

Reaching out can be very hard but in the end if it helps give someone else some breathing space it is well worth it.


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