Travel Adventure- Toronto

I had planned to be in Toronto for a week to ten days but there are things I need to be here for.

The next two weekends I need to be here so my son can see his kids.

I have reached 215 pounds which is my goal for the first quarter, I do not want to spend 10 days eating calorie-heavy foods while I am struggling to make it stick and since the professor will be doing most of the cooking that is likely to happen, or worse over-eating because the food is available.

It seems a small petty think next to spending a week or so with my heart but he understands what it has taken to get me here and he is reluctant to sabotage me though it would be unintentional. So no week-long visit in Toronto.

Only about three days so I can be there to see the Shen Yun presentation and take in a closing sale at the local Stitches by his place and a quick visit to Phat to see if they have any new dresses in. Also a grocery shopping trip to T & T's because there is no Oriental grocer here and I need to find some ingredients for a salmon dish I want to try that I can only find there.

Shen Yun 2019


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