Making Adventures: Shamrocks & Traps

shamrockI admit it I am really going overboard on St Patrick's Day this year. I'm just so glad to see a bit of green after so many months of gray & white. At least I hope to see some green outside though I've only been outside one day in six, that is more times than I've been outside since November.

Today we are going to talk about Shamrocks or as I was taught to call them clover. The lucky four-leaf clover do you remember looking for one, I do well it seems the same applies to shamrocks. If you find one it will grant you a wish. Today I am making a shamrock garland for my main window as a reminder that the snowbank outside will not always be there. I searched for a pattern to use and found several at Love To Know. The one I chose is pictured below, I wanted different sizes for visual interest so that is the template I chose.

variable shamrocksI picked up some green foam at the dollar store the other day so that was what I am going to use as the material. I had planned on using felt but they only had one sheet in the colour I wanted so I went with the foam instead.

The other thing I am working on today is planning a Leprechaun Trap just in case one of those little fellas comes to visit me. I've been researching and I think I have the basics down.

1) it needs to have a door with some kind of triggering device
2) it should be either green or rainbow coloured to attract his interest
3) it needs to be baited with gold

I will be trying to create it out of Lego but if I can't there are tons of other ideas at the link above. Wish me luck!


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