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Cooking Adventure- St Patricks Day - Food

I know ... another cooking post ... seems like this month is just saturated with creative cooking opportunities and while I can't do a lot this month I am still gonna explore the options.

I've even bought some green clothes at the thrift store just for St Patricks Day. I suppose I should tell you why I am so determined to celebrate this particular day.

The Professor for all that he looks Chinese is actually an Irish National born not too far from Cladaugh and this year I feel the urge to celebrate him.  In October we will be celebrating 22 years of being a couple. Strange to think so many years have come and gone. Anyway, that's my excuse for going above & beyond this month and I'm sticking to it.

So what to eat to celebrate St. Patricks Day? Green foods come to mind but so do rainbow ones and of course, foods made famous by the country.

Rainbow Yogurt ParfaitFor Breakfast, I want to start with a rainbow and since this recipe contains Kiwi it's a double bonus, Rainbow Fruit Parfait and since breakfast is supposed to be the biggest meal of the day I would also add Fried Eggs In Green Pepper Rings

For Lunch, something light because dinner is going to be heavy, Shamrock Vegetable Skewers with Avocado Hummus, and some Colcannon

For Dinner, as perfect for the day as can be, Corned Beef & Cabbage and Green Irish Soda Bread with a little Colcannon on the side

For Snacks through the day Fruit Skewers & Yogurt, and Veggie Rainbow with Avocado Hummus,


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