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A Discussion on Spiritual Beliefs

I was all set to do a budgeting post today because I am in need of one of those myself but last night I got into a discussion with the Professor regarding how I defined my Spiritual Path. He is telling me that what I describe is not Pagan and that Eclectic Pagan is not a recognized term so I figured I needed to clarify things for myself and for him.

My background began as most do with a foundation of Christian/Biblical Values. The reason I left organized religion behind is that I had a dream that caused me to change my mind.

In the dream, I was in church and in mid-sermon, the preacher lifted up the bible and said these are the lords' words, then he lifted up a huge book easily three times the size of the bible and said these are the rules that you must follow.

For the sixteen years give or take a couple I lived within the church community I was happy, that dream woke me up because I saw ...

  • Rules on how to dress including the length your hair should be and the colours you were allowed to wear and when
  • Rules on how much money and time you are required to give the church on a weekly and daily basis.
  • Rules on where you were allowed to worship and who you were allowed to worship with
and many more and I knew it was not for me. I walked away from the church and for many years I kept only the 10 commandments and the golden rule. Those are still the main values I associated with my spiritualism though god has many other names to me including Great Spirit and Gaia. I  have assumed that because I have added bits from Wicca and other things that that made me a pagan so when he challenged me I decided to look it up for myself and this is what I found:

a person holding religious beliefs other than those of the main world religions.
synonyms:heatheninfidel, idolater/idolatress, atheistnontheist, irreligious person, agnostic, sceptic, hereticapostate;
"in prehistoric times, pagans used to worship the sun gods"
    a non-Christian.
  • an adherent of neopaganism.

By this definition I submit that I am a pagan: I do not follow one religion I follow many, I hold beliefs from many backgrounds and combine them to make a belief system I can live within including the Wiccan rule that says "if it harms none" and the pre-Christian Greek gods and goddesses

The other term I use to describe myself is a naturist because I prefer to be without clothing and I want to do what I can to make Gaia well again. I believe that animals have things to tell us and that Gaia (Mother Earth) speaks through everything on this planet and right now she is having a screaming fit if all the crazy weather we've had over the last decade or so is anything to go by.

Do you have a non-Christian belief system? Share with us, please.


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