Valentines Day Recipe

With Valentines Day coming up there are so many different ideas for a Valentine menu from the intimate dinner for two to the heart-shaped fruit and sandwiches for the kids and since this happens to be the day, I present a few ideas for us.

To begin with, unless you have a partner of some sort there is no real reason to celebrate this day but I found out that there is a single awareness day which is celebrated on the 15th! Even if you have a partner like mine who lives out of town you can celebrate on that day. I plan to.

But what to celebrate? Well, how about showing some love for yourself. Cook one of those intimate dinners, light some candles and celebrate bright, beautiful you! I've ordered some heart-shaped cutters and I am going to make some heart-shaped biscuits, Finish off my Potato Leek soup and end with apple slices cut into hearts.

If you want to do a little more check out these ideas from the Dating Divas.

Singles Awareness Day - February 15
Celebrate with your other single friends. Go to
  a dance for singles or meet a bunch of friends
to chat.
Remember we all deserve love, share a hug and a smile today.


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