Travel Adventure - Ottawa Part 1

Hi all

Well we made it to Kenata right on time for the professor to make his appointment even with me delaying him a bit for a potty break. We spent a couple of hours wandering around and grabbed Lunch at an East Side Marios

During our wandering I saw a knit shop and a quilt shop. I managed to let him know in time about the quilt shop so I was able to go in and take a look. I was able to find the best patterns for the March quilt square. I liked that it is folded into a triangle so if I want I can just cut on the folds to get the pieces for the piecing part of the square. Happy Me!

We were just headed back to our hotel when we spotted a Loblaws so we went in to get some food for the nights like tonight when I use up one or two spoons to many during the day and am in too much pain to go out. When we pulled into the plaza we got a bit of a shock. We saw this!

The Zellers at Chinook mall in Calgary will be the new location for Target when it comes to Canada.

and it was open for business! We took a look in the window and the Professor said it looks like HBC is using it as a clearance centre but oh my... I thought I'd seen the last of these when the last one closed in Peterborough nearly a decade ago. Needless to say I want to take a look inside before we head back home.
We also stopped into a DeSerres and looked around. They had a really neat desk/easel for Sale but it is far too expensive even on sale. I've been thinking of getting one of those sit-down/stand up desks but haven't found one I like for a sensible price

Tomorrow will be spent in and around the agriculture centre in the Byward area. Gotta get some pictures of the ice sculptures. As soon as I find my charging cord I will share some of my photos.


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