Making life a little easier

This is me dealing with the consequences of the last two days. I am tired of always writing about stuff that matters only to me it seems. Well me and 2 or three others. Today Cinchshare in their challenge was to write about a hack.

There are two meanings for that word in association with social media; the first is when someone steals your account from you, the second is taking a simple thing like an Ikea Lack table and altering it to be useful for something else besides a coffee table.

I haven't finished it as I have not finished many of the crafts I began but I have one of those that is supposed to be a Lego play station for the kids like this:

LEGO table

I have glued the plates down, its the storage I have issues with as there are so many different types of blocks. What I know is that I use it to hold my works in progress and if you have little kids this is a great idea. You can find the tutorial here: Lego Play Table

If you are looking for more making ideas you can find more Ikea Hacks at my Pinterest.

BTW Lego's are not just for kids, they serve the double purpose of having fun and keeping your brain active, you should give them a try.


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