Where am I today

Nowhere? Everywhere? Who knows?

I am where I usually am sitting in my home, in front of my computer with a book on the screen and a coke zero in my hand

First Selfie 2019
This was taken by my computer, had I known that I looked like a racoon I would have left my glasses on. The reflection hides the circles from me. 

In the background, you can see my pride and joy, a 5 x 5 cube shelf unit from IKEA. It stores nearly all of my crafting supplies plus a few other things. I only have the one window in my main living area and currently it is holding some of my collection of LEGO blocks.

Lego is a new hobby for me. It started out as a way to keep my grandchildren occupied when they came to visit me but I have since begun building myself. The three boxes are from a set of Lego-like blocks which create a dinosaur theme scene which I have decided I will spend some time building this month. 

Once it is built and I take a few photos I will dismantle it and give the blocks away so that I can finish a castle I have in the works and a couple of vignettes I have in mind. Though building the scenes will be fun I suspect that unless I feel they are extraordinary I will simply take visual recordings of the scene and the reduce the scenes to their components so I can build something else. That for me is the best thing about Lego they are infinitely reusable.

I am sorry this post is so late going out time got away from me.


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