What's on the Menu Part 2

Brussels sprouts and grapefruit, two very healthy foods that few people will eat because they only know one or two way to prepare them. In the case of Brussels sprouts that is either steamed or boiled and grapefruit, well the only way I know how to eat Grapefruit is to sprinkle with sugar and dive in.

Brussels Sprouts
Little cabbage big nutrition

1) Brussels sprouts with butternut squash (because I still have a lot of the frozen butternut squash left) from Happy Kitchen. Rocks. (Great collections of Vegan recipes)

2) Garam Marsala Brussels sprouts (because I'm interested in Indian food) from Whisk & Shout

3) Creamy Brussels Sprouts Slaw (because they ARE little cabbages) from The Mom 100
red or white which do you like?
1) One Bowl Grapefruit Bars (because I want to have at least one dessert this month) from The View From Great Island
2) Grapefruit and Avocado Buddha Bowl (a type of dish I've heard of but never tried) from The Skinny Fork
3) Broiled Honey Grapefruit (I have never heard of heating it before eating it so I have to try it) from The Gracious Pantry

Next week I'll share how mine turned out and what changes if any I made to the recipes. If you buy too many never fear in two weeks I'll write about some ways to preserve these two delights for later in the year.

Until then if you want to try some of the other ways to prepare these two then check out my Pinterest board January Cooking. I have several other recipes in addition to ones above on it.


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