What I do when I'm bored

SolSuite SolitaireGame Instructions 1

I am sure all of you know what Solitare is, I know it was one of the first card games I learned and you probably did too right after "Go Fish" and "Crazy Eights".

I discovered Solsuite a long time ago and it is my go to when I am bored. Currently, in the 2019 version, it has 709 different types of solitaire games including the ever-popular Klondike & Free Cell in many variations.

I have not updated to the 2019 version yet because I like my 2017 version and am not ready to switch up just yet. It is only $9.99 CAD I think its CAD could be USD but either way, it is a great deal for hours of fun, plus card games help keep the brain active which is a major plus as we get older.

There are instructions for every game which makes it easy to learn new ones if you get bored with the old ones. I play 10 different games every night before I go to bed and if I need to I use it to calm myself when I've an anxiety attack.

Microsoft Solitare Collection is similar except that it provides daily challenges. It is fairly new to me but it is addictive if you doubt it I have a story for you.

The Professor has the annoying habit of watching me play and giving me advice if I miss a move. About six months ago he decided to give it a try for himself. He still plays and he went even further than me by playing all the challenges to Expert level that are also part of the game. Now, this is a man that lives and breathes computers so I figure if it can hook him it can hook anyone.

It is free to play online and it can be downloaded and played on your phone or tablet as well. Again I play the daily challenges every day as part of my bedtime routine and even if I can't do anything with the coins I still like to collect them and pass the various monthly milestones. And yes if I get really bored I'll play a couple of games in the collections too.

What do you do when you get bored or to calm yourself down?


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