Tip for ya: Cooking is hard work

I had forgotten how long it took me to recover from one day of cooking last month. It's easy to forget until you stop and feel the tiredness sweep over you. Even then I made plans to finish the cooking and take out my garbage today.

Only to find that I was asleep by 12:30 AM even after having a two hour nap in the afternoon and I didn't get out of bed until nearly 3 PM and even that was a struggle. I think if I had allowed it I would have slept the day through.

This means the second part of the cooking day has been delayed at least anything that requires a lot of work. I have come to the conclusion that having an energy centered illness is no fun at all. Make no mistake Dysthymia (depression) and Fibromyalgia both impact your energy level a lot. Its just that they are sneaky about it waiting until you push yourself that little bit extra then slamming you hard.

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Cooking Whirlwind

Then the crash into sleep!


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