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First of all, God is whoever or whatever you want it to be, don't let your associated images to that title deter you from reading on.

I know you are physically and emotionally drained ya know it, right. It starts at the top of my head, my hair feels heavy and I have to use a headband to lighten it a bit. A headache that is centred between my eyes. Eyes that are dry and crusty. A nose that feels pinched and hurts all the way to its tip. I could keep going detailing every pain but that only brings them in to focus and I find it easier to get through the day when I don't focus on the aches and pains.

Fibro is all about pain don't cha know.

On top of the body pain, my brain feels fuzzy like it is wrapped in cotton wool. If I have emotions I am not aware of them nor have I been aware of them for a long time.

But you have to keep going. I do that every day, some days are worse than others but I'm still here, still getting through day by day even if I don't always accomplish what I plan for the day. I am present & accounted for at least for four hours a day. I keep going because I have people who need me to be here even when I would rather not be.

Perseverance is the only way through

So keeping going is not a choice it is a necessity of my life. Who are you to tell me what I need to do. I know what to do, I just wish it were easier

I'll see you through. Umm alright, how do you plan on doing that Great Spirit. Faith uplifts you sure but faith is not so good at peeling away all the dross to bring the gold to light. That you have to do yourself. I know people out there will say that faith is what keeps you going, I'd like to know how.

Faith is an intangible.

So how does it help see me through what is a lifetime sentence of pain? How does faith bring me back to the sunshine when I have been at the bottom of a deep well?

Do you know dear reader? How do you cope with your dark days, or your pain days? Do you sleep it away or get up and face the day regardless of how you are feeling?


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