National Milk Day

I realized yesterday as I looked up National Milk Day that it was an USA construct as are many of the crazy, wacky, special days which are in each month. I wondered if I should, as a Canadian, celebrate these days as well. Then I thought, I'm getting as Nationalistic as the USA's are, I'm not that kind of person nor do I want to be. Besides I like the idea of celebrating something, no matter where it comes from.

True to form I went looking for ways to celebrate first in food, then in arts & crafts and finally in family. Before that though I thought I'd ask you a question. Do you know how many things milk can come from?

Well we all know cows but in the animal kingdom all females express milk to feed their young but we only drink milk from ruminants (that is grass eaters) and only a few of those. Two come to mind immediately, the cow and the goat. And only a few of us will drink goat milk or eat goat cheese, having never tried it, I don't know why, I think the next time I go shopping I will buy some to try. Given how many of our young are allergic to cow's milk you would think there would be other mammals we would drink from.

But we don't we turn to the nuts & grains instead for our milk. I'm partial to almond milk and I'll drink oat milk when my cereal makes it but there are so many other kinds, like soy and coconut. Those two have very huge followings right at the moment, with lots of studies to back up their health properties. Aside: Coconut milk is OK in cooking but I can't drink it in my coffee as some do it's just too heavy.

milk alternatives
5 Healthy Alternatives
Comparing them health wise? Take a look at this article Milk & Milk Alternatives. Eat this not that has another article on the good and bad in each category in the article The Best and The Worst Milks & Milk Alternatives. 

Looking for a few interesting Milk & Milk Alternative Recipes check out this Cooking-With Milk & Alternatives Board and Cheese making on my Pinterest

For a few ideas on making check out these fun milk based art pieces, soap making, upcycling milk containers

Celebrate by having a tall glass of your favourite milk today!


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