I'm late! I'm late!

I know it's late round about 8:45 pm where I am and I'm sorry 'bout that. I'm trying to write every day using a variety of prompts but nothing came to me today so I figured I have all these books with prompts of various sorts in them so I should be able to find something right. In the end, I chose two.

Do you know who Keri Smith is? I have a lot of her books beginning with "Wreck this Journal", though until just now I hadn't realized she had put out so many different cover versions of it. Anyway, the first tidbit I have for you is from her postcard collection called "Everything is Connected".


  • Go to the closest park
  • Spend 10 minutes looking at the sky
  • Document yourself standing under a tree (photo, drawing, etc)
  • Arrange something you find into a circle (leaves, stones, etc)
  • List the number of people you see
  • Leave something of yours in a secret location

Sounds like a great way to refill the bucket. Even if you don't send out postcards I think this is a great book to have on hand, there are so many fun things to do in it

I came across this book at a garage sale. I had never heard of her but I loved that cover and a quick leaf through the book showed me many such colourful pages. It doesn't have a table of contents but going by the borders on the pages it is divided into seasons. :) Love me some seasonal themes :)

I've been reading it slowly and am on page 121. There are three adventures on this page I'm going to share with you

305. Forget the cold. Wrap yourself up, go outside and do something you would usually never do in winter

306. For one day, do only one thing at a time. That's wild! (I gotta agree and it is also really hard to do)

307. Read "The Boy Scout Handbook" to learn how to cook a campfire meal in aluminium foil instead of in a pot. (There were 20 pages of this book on amazon.ca so the link above will take you to the search result page, not an actual book)


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