What I am Grateful For

Please let me never forget how rich my wonderful life is right at this moment. Please let me never forget that all I have is all I need. Please let me never forget to give thanks. SIMPLE ABUNDANCE JULY1 Breathnach, Sarah Ban. The Simple Abundance Companion (pp. 22-23). Grand Central Publishing. Kindle Edition. 

I've been thinking. Yeah I know I do that a lot but it helps me to keep my mind active and it's not all bad stuff, indeed less than half is what I call bad stuff. Today I was reading my Simple Abundance Companion and came across the quote above.

It reminded me to remember how lucky I am to still be alive and relatively healthy especially on the days when I also feel as if my little world is breaking apart at the seams. Over the years I've written many entries about Gratitude but recently as you know I erased a great many of my posts from the past. Today I want to share a list with you of some of the things I am grateful for.

  1. I have both eyes and while they may not as good as they used to be they are still able to see and appreciate everything I see
  2. Both of my ears work and they hear so many things, the best of these has to be the laughter of children and the second best my beloveds voice.
  3. My nose still works, oh sure it spends a lot of time being stuffy but oh the gorgeous scents it brings me every day
  4. I still have my voice and most of my teeth so I am thankful for my mouth too
  5. I still have my hair and it hasn't gone all gray yet. It is also not a dull grey but a pretty silver grey
  6. My shoulders are broad and my arms weak but both can still give a bear hug or a loving one as is needed.
  7. My breasts are saggy but I still have both of them, may the big C keep staying away from me.
  8. My belly is covered in stretch marks but I love them because they are proof I bore two children.
  9. My vagina is healthy even if it doesn't see any action. Actually after my years as a sex addict that is actually a blessing 
  10. All the other parts down there are still healthy too as far as I can tell, considering some of the things I've heard can happen I am very grateful for them.
  11. My hips and butt may be on the large side but hey at least I have them.
  12. My legs are still strong and I can get around on them just fine most of the time and when I do need a little help a cane works perfectly.
  13. My feet and my hands are not swollen or sore that is a blessing I know I've seen other people my age who have hands that are gnarled and painful all the time.
  14. My heart is still healthy as is my brain. I love and I think. Both good things.
I could go on but that is a good list to begin with. Always look for the little things, they are the most important parts of your life, take time to thank them for being there for you.


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