Eat Breakfast like a King

That is the first line of a poem that I heard long ago. I am not sure who wrote it or even if I am quoting it right.

If a (wo)man would eat
Breakfast like a king
Lunch like a prince
Dinner as a pauper
Such a (wo)man would be
Healthy, wealthy and wise

I think a prince is supposed to refer to the storekeepers and such who ate three course instead of the 10- 12 courses a king would have at that time. I think it was written in the 1500's

After a little research I found that it was made popular by Adelle Davis in her weight loss book "Lets Get Well", but she only used "Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper". I know I have seen that quote as written above elsewhere but danged if I can remember it now. All good sound advice considering she wrote that book in 1965

What it basically says is eat a large meal when you break your fast in the morning, a mid-size lunch and a tiny supper and you will become healthy, rich and smart.

Today I thought I would see if I could find a budget-minded way to "Eat Breakfast like a King"

1) Almost anything savoury with eggs in it that you can make the day before when your energy is high is a good start. Things like this Full English Quiche or one of my favourites Baked Ham and Egg Cup or the old stand-by hard boiled eggs.

2) Add a small orange and a small apple peeled and in wedges. You can substitute any fruit you have it's just that I know apples are always a bargain and so are bananas.

3) Add some green in the form of avocado or lettuce leaves, celery or cucumbers whatever you can find that is on sale.

4. The final item that should be on your plate is some kind of complex carbohydrate like 12-grain bread or brown beans.

Avoid anything that has a lot of sugar in it. This will screw your blood sugar levels and make you crave more which means you end up eating more during the day instead of a healthy amount. Take a look below, this is a good image of what your plate should look like when you breakfast.

If you want some other ideas  check out the Breakfast like a King photo gallery


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