Crafts Anyone? January Round-up

Top Left: Snowflakes out of Lego that was my Lego Challenge for January. I had to do them in black cause I didn't have any white in the sizes needed. I only made the three but since they are the basic shapes and I made them from pictures I think I did good

Bottom Left: The chair is part of my dinette set and a part of another challenge I have given myself. I fell in love with this Yarn Bomb chair years ago and I have been trying to re-create it because I love it. This is my second try the first one was a mess. and I've been looking over some of the newer ones and I saw this one so I figured I'd give it a try

Top Centre: My first Lego house & furnishing. It is not fancy but it is a beginning.

Bottom Centre: My word of the year poster for February, its in my bullet journal now.

Upper Right: This is a Lego Habitat, in this case, I am creating a home for a peg-leg pirate and his monkey. Eventually, I want that white wall in the back to be replaced by a skull and cross-bones but I have a lot to learn before I can do that. They are a great way to display mini-figs.

Bottom Right: The four new-to-me recipes I tried this month: Broiled Grapefruit, Chunky Monkey Overnight Oats, Brussels sprouts slaw  and Oven Roasted Brussels sprouts & sweet potato


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