Continuing the Fight ...

For some kind of useful organization of my belongings. I mentioned Declutter 365 a while back though I'm not sure if I told you what it was called, I only showed you what I had done so today I'll introduce them to you and then show you what I accomplished last week.

Declutter 365 has been around for a while now. I first discovered them when I first moved out on my own but I wasn't ready to settle in anywhere just yet so I put them in the back of my mind.

In December when I went looking for ways to declutter and organize my stuff I came upon them again so I signed up for their weekly calendar with its daily 15 minute missions.

Anyone can do 15 minutes, right? well, I hoped so anyway and so far they have helped me clean up my kitchen counter and organize my pantry and dish cupboards so I can find what I'm looking for without getting conked on the head by something.

The Declutter 365 is part of a web site called Home Storage Solutions 101. They offer Declutter 365 and another called 52 Organizing Challenges which is a weekly version rather than the daily one I subscribed to.

They also offer several printables and checklists that are free if you prefer to do it yourself without coaching. I love their pantry and freezer inventory sheets and use them often to help me with menus and shopping lists.

And they have a whole bunch of organizing ideas for all kinds of clutter as well as a gallery of before & after pictures of what other people have accomplished for inspiration.

The final thing on this web site that I suggest you take a look at is their store, they have all kinds of books and articles as well as organizing needs in there.

And finally to what I accomplished last week. Take a look at the photos below

Before After
Dish cupboard
Contents of bottom shelf
So much neater

The pantry doesn't look much different but at least all those spices and things on the top shelf didn't fall on my head anymore!

Have a good night y'all see you tomorrow.


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