On the Fourth Day

Two more days to go! Before I address today's step I need to talk.

Today and yesterday I've been sleeping a lot. Today when I read the entry for December 29th in the Comfort book I realized why. I expended a lot of energy during Christmas week and it is catching up with me. I need to refill the well as it were. There is also the post holiday let down, you know when you sit down and begin to think about all the ways things could have been better. Then there is the mid-winter cold which does not help one bit.

So to each of you I say... Stop... Stop focusing on what went wrong and think about all the ways the holiday went right. Realize that you were magnificent but now you need your rest. Turn off your phone turn on you favorite viewing station and allow yourself just time to be. Your family can do without you for one day at least for a few hours. Send them out to do some post holiday shopping if you can't send them home.

In their eyes you are old so take advantage of that perception and get all cranky. Whatever you have to do, just carve a few hours or a day just for you. If you can't get cranky then do the old person routine. You know what I mean, constant sighing, groaning, shuffling and other things that indicate you are worn out. Then go into your room and lock the door if you can and just sleep. You've earned it.

And the exercise for Day 4 is an easy one to do when you are resting. Remember! Think about the past year, are their moments you are really proud of, then relive it. Are there lessons you learned or things about yourself that came with profound implications, think about what you learned. Got your journal handy, record these highs for you to look at next year when you need a boost.

Learned a lesson or two write them down too as reminders.

ONE MORE THING: Think about what you hope to accomplish in 2019 and find a word or simple phrase that will sum it up and that you can use as a mantra throughout the next year. In your journal dedicate a whole page to this word or phrase. Draw, write about what it means to you or just put it in the centre of the page and come back to it later to make it pretty. I will be coming back to it at least once a month during 2019 because that word is a guide, a challenge & a hope for what I/you plan to accomplish in 2019
This is mine.


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