A Perfect Day

Have you ever sat down and tried to decide what your perfect day would look like?

On a perfect day my day would begin at 7 AM instead of the 8 AM it currently starts at. But why pick such an arbitrary time? Truth is that's what time my parents and later my kids woke me up at every day and I feel it is what I should be doing. Many decades later certain mind sets are hard to shake.

On a perfect day if I'm supposed to be going out that day I wouldn't talk myself out of it. I have done that, with time to think I find reasons why I can't possibly do it that day. That's why my family and my doctors find me unreliable. I would go to those appointments without second thoughts.

On a perfect day I would eat three meals and two snacks. I do eat three meals but I delay them until I have no choice but to put something in my stomach. Two snacks, sometimes, it depends on what I have in the way of what I consider snack food. The first thing I should do is to actually schedule my meals so that I eat when I should instead of waiting until I have no choice. The second thing I should do is expand my definition of snack food so that I can always find something for those two snacks

On a perfect day I would spend 15 minutes outside taking in fresh air and sunshine. Also on a perfect day I would be doing a 20- 30 minute workout of some sort. I don't like going outside if it is too hot or too cold, I would have to get over that. Exercise does not need to be exercise it can be several five minute sets of movement during the day. To some extent I do that now but it is no where near the 20 minute mark.

On a perfect day I would spend an hour or two interacting with my peers. I have peers, I'm just real bad at connecting to them. Call it shyness or introversion, both would be correct and both severely limit me. If I had one wish I would wish those limitations away.

On a perfect day I would clean my house immediately instead of letting it build up to ungodly proportions before getting the chores done. I could blame my illness for this except that logically if I did a little bit every day it would not get out of hand the way it does and thus would impact me less.

On a perfect day I would spend more time making and moving than sitting & reading. Reading is great but I should not be spending nearly every waking hour in front of the computer. I have dozens of crafts & hobbies that I could be doing instead of what I am reading and playing games on the computer all day.

On a perfect day I would brush my teeth three times a day, comb my hair every day and shower everyday. I don't do any of those things right now and though it doesn't bother me much it matters.

What would your perfect day look like?


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