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My man John Travolta

How can you not love that face, those eyes those oh so kissable lips!
Ooops got lost there. My first ever movie star crush was Michael Landon but when I saw Travolta on "Welcome Back Kotter" he became my main squeeze. I think I watched most of his movies and I know I wore out the VHS tape of him in Grease. That is still far and away my most favourite movie of all time!

Let's face it even at 65 he is still a treat for the eyes. Plus he can sing & dance & act!

Today is his birthday, he will be turning 66. I intend to spend the day binge-watching as many videos & movies of him as I can find on Youtube, Prime and Netflix.

I hope you will join me!

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What is ... Human Spirit?

The human spirit is a component of human philosophypsychologyart, and knowledge - the spiritual or mental part of humanity. While the term can be used with the same meaning as "human soul", human spirit is sometimes used to refer to the impersonal, universal or higher component of human nature in contrast to soul or psyche which can refer to the ego or lower element. The human spirit includes our intellect, emotions, fears, passions, and creativity. Wikipedia

In Christianity and other religions a person is made of three distinct parts much like psychologies Ego, Id and Superego which are called Spirit, Soul, and Body. The spirit is the part of us that is connected to the earth and everyone else. According to the bible, this is where God resides. The soul is us separate from God and from Spirit. While God is Integral to the universe only Spirit is able to be of God. The soul is separate and some say the soul is the part of us that is here to learn a life lesson.

The body …

Let's Explore ...

I wanted to do an essay on climate change but I couldn't get into it. It seems that is not as important to me as I thought it would be especially finding out that the Kyoto Protocol had failed and been basically thrown out.

There were reasons of course but it still saddens me that our industrialized countries can't see what has happened, is happening to the world. Instead, the major powers including Canada ignore what is happening mainly because of the impact on their bottom line.

The Professor will most likely chime in with some fact but this is what I see from what I've read.

CO2 is not really something we can change since it is what we breathe out but there are things we can do. The main one, of course, is to make the world greener it won't fix the hole but it will mean that humankind will survive a bit longer. Not that I think humankind should be allowed to multiply and further the damage but it may give us a bit more time to fix the other issues.

Certain other che…

I Love Butterscotch!

Today we celebrate butterscotch, which is a confection made of butter and brown sugar. Butterscotch may also refer to a flavor made with similar ingredients. When made into a confection, other ingredients like lemon juice, cream, corn syrup, vanilla, salt, and water are added to the butter and brown sugar, and it is boiled to between 270°F to 289°F, which is the "soft crack" stage. It is similar to caramel, but caramel usually uses white sugar and does not have butter. It is also similar to toffee, but toffee is boiled longer so it reaches a higher temperature, and also does not usually have butter. Butterscotch flavor is used in butterscotch topping or sauce, which is used on sundaes and pound cakes. The flavor is also used in fudge, brownies, icings, pudding, and cookies. 

I do not remember when I first tasted butterscotch but I do remember it was hard candy. 

For years my go-to ice cream flavour was butterscotch ripple. I've since switched to caramel flavoured things bu…


This Post Courtesy of Checkiday

A "quirkyalone" is defined as a person who enjoys being single or spending time by themselves. When they date, they do so with a purpose, not just so they can be in a relationship—they believe in waiting for the right person instead of settling. According to Sasha Cagen, the creator of International Quirkyalone Day, "Quirkyalone is ultimately a philosophy about finding happiness within yourself whether you’re single or in a relationship." Those who are single embrace the possibilities and ways they can live a fulfilling life while being single. Those who have the spirit of the day but are in relationships are called "quirkytogethers." They celebrate their individuality while still being in a partnership.

The day may be more geared more towards those who are single, but anyone can celebrate. Celebrations should put a spotlight on both love and individuality, and should not have the materialistic trappings of Valentine's D…

Do you still listen to Radio?

I don't as a rule though I know I should. This day is another UN-sanctioned world day. Their stated aim is to bring radio to all corners of the world and to keep their air time in tune with modern society.

Part of that is the big stations helping build radio stations in small nations and the other part this year is about making diversity a part of their everyday.

Online Radio Canada Did you know that Canada has over a thousand radio stations in it? For your Radio fix check out this page.

Let's celebrate World Radio Day by listening to the radio today or if you are curious like me doing some reading about its history and how it is used these days.

This photo of Vintage Radio and Communications Museum of Connecticut is courtesy of Tripadvisor

What is ... Secular Humanism?

Before I go into that I suppose I should tell you how I got here.
Today is Charles Darwin Day, (yeah that Charles Darwin) and in reading through the Wiki on it I came across something called the Council of Secular Humanism which is a free-thought organization that supports Darwin's view of Evolution.

I was curious to learn what free thought was. According to its a noun that means "thought unrestrained by deference to authority, tradition or established belief, especially in matters of religion". In other words, Christians who don't believe the bible is the ultimate authority on how the earth was created.

Secular Humanism is, therefore, a belief system one that I had never heard of before so I went looking for more information.

Secular humanism is a philosophy or life stance that embraces human reasonsecular ethics, and philosophical naturalism while specifically rejecting religious dogmasupernaturalism, and superstition as the basis of morality and…