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Picnic Idea of the Week- Mason Jar Salads

Pack some Mason Jar Salads, they are easy to make and the clean-up is easy. Plus as you can see below they are colourful and delicious. Add a water bottle with something you like to drink in it and head out to a park near you. Preferably one with picnic tables and plenty of shade. Read, write, draw whatever your pleasure and enjoy the beautiful day. Lots more ideas on my Pinterest board
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Tuesday Thinking- Getting a Haircut in the New Normal

Getting a Haircut in the New Normal is an event. 
First, you have to call and make an appointment, no walk-ins allowed so you can't be just be walking by and see the sign and think I need a haircut and go in and get an appointment. In some places, your whole conversation is by email.
Second, once you have the appointment they email you this list of requirements beginning with the fact that you are going to have to wear a mask to get in and there is no waiting inside no matter what the weather is. You have to arrive at the exact time that your appointment is and wait for them to let you inside.
Thirdly you have to wear the mask the whole time you are in there.
It was just too much given the heat so I cancelled it. So I'm a wuss! Maybe I'll wait to September & get the Pixie cut I wanted my hair should be long enough then for it to look right.

Boredom Busters - Reading

With the Covid Quarantine a lot of stuff has been written about what to do to relieve boredom when stuck indoors so it is hard for me to figure out what to talk about. I get lost in model building but not every one is creative like that.
The same goes for reading, there are many good books out there but some people just don't see the sense of reading. I am not kidding you though read or attempt to read a book in each genre and you will find something you really like.
Books come in fiction & non-fiction(like DIY or cooking); they can be modern or old (called classics). They can tell you stories about animals, flowers, clouds or people. Or teach you something new. One thing I am certain of though is that if you find the right genre it will suck you in and time will pass very quickly.
That's 24 different things that might hook you and help you learn to have fun reading. There are over 40 different genres but this is a good start. Set yourself a goal like you will read a book fro…

Culinary Arts 101-My First Lesson

1: Hone your knife before you use it every time. The video below gives you the techniques honing and sharpening your knife.

2: Some info on knife skills, the basis of all cooking

Saturday Subjects- Moving out of Peterborough

Each week I'll bring you something I have been researching. This past couple of weeks I've been looking into moving out of my apartment. Finding somewhere else to live is easy enough but finding somewhere you want to be and that you can afford is something else entirely.
I pay less than market rate here but that is not my main criteria. I am a gypsy I have been most of my life. The longest I ever stayed anywhere was seven years and that was with the Professor. We've been in a relationship for 20 years but I doubt if we have spent more than 10 years in the same house. It's not him it's me.
Before moving in with him I moved about once a year even when I was married before. I just could not settle one place and I still can't.
I live on $1350-$1450 per month. Since 1 bedroom apartments go for a minimum $1350 a month here I can't afford to stay in this city nor can I afford to live in any of the nearby areas due to the influx of Torontonian retirees to the area. Wi…

Wild About Wild Life: The Helpful Bee

Just having some fun. Going forward this month I will feature a different creature on this day each week.

Indoor Garden Ideas

I like pretty things but I don't like to spend money that's why I learned to make things. I have been interested in the terrarium for a while and even tried my hand at a couple but haven't been happy with the results I've achieved. This month I am going to be looking into a couple of different types of indoor gardens including a small water garden.
This week I am trying to decide which types I want to try and what I need to make them.
I am certain I want to try for a small water garden and succulent garden but there are many other types as well. 
Bonsai take a long time but a zen garden doesn't and it can be pretty small. 
Terrariums come in all shapes and sizes but as it happens I already have the beginnings of one of those it just needs the plants. I used a small fish tank as the base so that is something you can keep an eye out for if you want to follow along.
There is this fairy garden made from multiple clay pots that I am interested in as well
A window herb garden